September 25, 2015

Responsibilities Here We Go!

Why hello there! It's been 2 years since I last posted something on here. It actually feels good writing again. Honestly, something bad triggered my comeback. I just made the most out of it. ;)

Here I am, all responsible in life and shit. Guess what, I already have a job. I pay my own bills, pay for my own rent, basically what a responsible and  independent person does. I know, not me. But you know, it actually feels really good and accomplishing. You can really feel the professional growth and becoming more mature. One of the best decisions I've had in life.

What's good about being independent is the fact that you will learn to make good decisions, spend wisely, and properly manage the hectic time. That's because despite the busy schedule due to work, personal time is still very important to maintain well-being.

But anyway, I think I'll go back to writing since there has been so many things that's been happening lately. I feel bad for not being able to do so all this time. You missed a lot and you have been missed!

March 12, 2013

Into Ruins

I have every reason to be drop-dead devastated right now. If I were a full-time geek or a motor vehicle lover, I would have killed myself already. Either way, I am horrified by the unfortunate events that have been crossing my way lately.

A week back, my car started dripping off gasoline while running so I wasn't able to use it until now unless our mechanic shows up (which is not happening). A few days ago, I dropped one of my external hard drives making it hardly usable anymore, thank God it was my smallest one which was an 80GB Philips. This morning, my motorbike decided that it will no longer start. It probably needs to be tuned up and oil changed. I'm still thinking of a fucking way how to bring that shit all the way to the motor shop. Good Lord. I don't have any wheels as of the moment.

To make things worse, earlier when I came home, I found out that the installed hard drive of my computer wasn't being read. Imagine my stress and distraught. I was completely shattered because I have so many important files in there. I reformatted my computer just to see if it was the problem but unfortunately, it wasn't. I then prayed for a glorifying moment when the hard drive suddenly gets read so I have the chance to salvage the files in that dying 500GB.

I have a 1TB external hard drive but the transfer rate is kind of slow so I decided to use my cousin's 1TB instead which had a fairly faster transfer rate. When I went to her house to borrow it, I found out she used a different plug to power it and when I came back home, the drive was as good as crap. It wasn't working anymore. Not even a small hint of life. Lastly, my mouse's scroll key is not working anymore.

So there, I think I'll cry my ass off when I sleep tonight.

February 11, 2013

I Owe You One... World

It's really hard when you do something unforgivably callous to somebody yet they still forgive you anyway. After that moment, the guilt will haunt you for the rest of your life. I mean, sure it'll be negated by time but the point is, it's there and it will never go away. It's like a crumpled paper that no matter how much flat pressure you put to it, it'll never go back to its original state.

Once you wrong somebody to an infinite level, but eventually just let you off easy, being around them will never be the same. It's like your behavior towards them or simply how you treat them will completely change into a safe mode kind of way. That's because you're scared you might do something wrong to them again.

Worse, even if they're the ones to do something bad to you, so long as it never goes to the extent of leveling to what you have done to them, you have no choice but to let it just slip. You give an entire world of not giving fucks to anything offensive that they may do to you. Because once that happens, you'd think they'd most probably slather all over your sorry ass what you did to them. The thing is, you will always feel mortified around them.

So, always be careful in things that you do. Never do anything that you will eventually regret for the rest of your sorry life.

February 1, 2013


I first met Pemari Kresta Kempis Mengote in college. During the freshmen orientation. I didn't mind her nor anyone in the class because I was busy being worried for myself and what the prestigious university was gonna do to me. Though I knew I was gonna be friends with pretty much everyone eventually, I never really thought I'd be closer to her.

I think the reason we got along and a few other members of our mini club was because we seemed normal. We were the conventional type in the class. We had our unique ways and characteristics but we were the type to say to others in our minds, "You're awkwardly weird but I'm not gonna tell you that so that you won't think I'm mean." And instead give away a reluctantly fake sneer of slight laughter.

I know there were a lot of times that we thought the same about things. If it's negative, I would always be the one to say it (See, I'm the obnoxious one, but people tend to think it's funny because they think I'm joking) but I know she has it in mind as well, she's just not mean enough to say it. Instead, she'd nudge me and I'll be like, "Whaat? It's true!"

I already forgot most of our adventures in the early years of our college education probably because we were still making an effort to be good students in the middle of our ordeal undertakings. In other words, we were boring. Most of the things that I can recall are from our senior year (mostly non-academic and fun experiences) because that's how my brain cells roll.

Pem, Jay-ar (I'm not sure if you've heard of him) and I consider ourselves to be siblings (in a parallel universe). Whenever we had the extra time, we'd always have a movie night at my place. We'd just spend the night away with a movie or two with snacks if we had money, and the rest bickering, eventually snoring. The three of us went out on movie dates and whatnooot, fighting over animé, food trip, books, and bar-hopping but just having senseless conversations in them. Looking back, we could be the three stooges, the three musketeers, or the three blind mice.

Pem and I were partners in our thesis during senior year. At one point, I was worried about it not getting done because I knew I was a slacker and Pem had those times too, only not as intense as mine. But then I thought, sure we don't do things like the nerds but we get work done if we had to. We let ourselves near the brink just for the thrill of it but we never let ourselves fall. That's what you do so in the future, you have something interesting to tell people.

Pem is the natural smart girl. She's not nerdy smart nor the effort smart. She just does a few flicks of her hair, strike what she knows and that's about how she carries herself. We basically are the same in terms of knowing about a lot of things not written in the book. We pretty much have the same wavelength in terms of digs. Another reason we can talk just about any random thing.

Pem is dainty. Her manners are orthodox. You can tell she was raised well. She's rational, honest, simple, thoughtful, witty. She loves what she loves and she doesn't let other people weigh her down on the grounds of her own beliefs. She doesn't think the efforts she gives to something would become futile.

Pem is sincere, friendly, pleasant, but sarcastic sometimes. She's not envious, prejudiced, nor judgmental. She's not overly intrusive nor meddlesome. She sees the good in people, later the bad but like I said, she doesn't judge. She's also creative, dynamic, and happy. If she is, she won't let you stop her relentless laughter resembling someone having an asthma attack and you'll be all like, astonished and have you confounded as to whether you should rush her to the mental hospital or just laugh with her. Also, she cavorts a lot when she's very excited and kinikilig.

We fought at times, but that's just part of friendship. I may have regretted some of them but I certainly learned from what it brought. We are balanced because we don't just share the good times. We also shared thesis. If you know what I mean.

She's a friend, a colleague, a fan, and a sister to me. I am thankful that I met her. I will always be. Happy birthday. :*

PS. Why did Pem cross the road?

- because on the other side her family is waiting
- because on the other side there is a concert of Coldplay, Dashboard Confessional, Owl City, Parokya ni Edgar, Joshua Radin
- because on the other side is a huge animé and manga store featuring One Piece
- because on the other side Jay-ar and I are watching How I Met Your Mother
- because on the other side AJ Rafael is giving away autographs and photo ops
- because the thief that stole her camera did
- because on the other side is a sale of paperback novels
- because on the other side is Jed Dycoco playing with his band?
- because on the other side is a huge comfy bed
- because on the other side are a bunch of ignorant people waiting for her sarcasm
- because on the other side is a movie marathon
- because on the other side is a food fare
- because on the other side her boyfriend is holding a bouquet and a box of chocolates

January 28, 2013

The Lonely Island: YOLO

While I was watching the latest episode of Saturday Night Live last night hosted by Adam Levine, I got to see another super cool digital short by The Lonely Island featuring Adam himself and Kendrick Lamar. I have been a huge fan of Andy Samberg since I forgot when that's why I was a little bit devastated when I found out that he was leaving SNL and will no longer be a part of its 38th season after 7 years.

I badly missed Andy in SNL that I just had to watch his movies like That's My Boy and Celeste and Jesse Forever, and seeing him back with the other two The Lonely Island members in this episode was just euphoric.

I didn't want to miss this episode because, come on, it's Levine. And for the nth time, he was again wearing his 600-dollar plain white shirt that had holes resembling famished rat doings and is extremely shabby - something that you give to the homeless. That shirt is all I literally see him wear even in his rehearsal sessions in The Voice.

This was another good episode, but with Adam in it, I expected more fun. I wasn't quite satisfied, frankly speaking. But what I really liked was the digital short with The Lonely Island. It becomes a lot like legit with Adam doing the chorus. It's a YOLO mockery and I loved it. Check it out.

January 21, 2013

American Idol Season 12 Kick Off

First off, I am not a huge fan of American Idol since the beginning. I just decided to follow this season just because I felt like watching a singing competition these days. Plus, I am very curious about how dear old Nicki Minaj behaves around certain kinds of people. Although, I am neutral about her - I don't love nor hate her (I am impressed with her bizarre style though). But I'm guessing since she's a little bit crazy, I'm gonna like her eventually.

For the judges, mehhh~ As implied, I am really fond of Nicki. She's got the attitude. On the other hand, I have never really liked Mariah since I have known music (I know she's one of the greatest singer of all time but that's just how I feel about her). Her and Nicki always bicker. I don't give a huge damn about Randy Jackson. Last but definitely not least, I have high respects for Keith Urban (he's who I like in the panel, by default).

AI 12 already aired two episodes within the past week - New York and Chicago auditions. There were good and bad singing, as usual but nothing really made me say "WTF, this person has stellar vocal abilities." You know what I'm saying? Also, it kinda occurred to me that some auditionees were horribly appalling, those that I think just got lost and decided to audition but there's no way in hell they can sing. Sometimes, I even think that they may just be "actors" who were paid just to make the show a little bit more amusing. I mean, they're really really bad. Even people I know who can't and never sing don't sound as bad. But, since the world is a weird place and it is filled with uniquely weird people, fine.

The main reason I decided on blogging about the show is because I was touched by the story of the last contestant in the Chicago auditions. Lazaro Arbos was born in Cuba and his family moved to Florida when he was 10. Lazaro has a speech problem. He started stuttering at the age of 6. He went through lots of speech therapies but not one helped. His case didn't improve, instead it just got worse. Despite this, he still auditioned and he really did a good job. When he sings, he doesn't stutter.

He is a true inspiration for me.

January 14, 2013

Angels of Sex

I was browsing through movies I wanted to watch for my spare time when I bumped into one called The Sex of the Angels. It got my attention primarily because of the movie poster. In an instant after seeing the poster, I knew it was interesting. I smelled something out of the ordinary so I decided to watch it (being the cinephile that I am).

At first I thought it was an Israeli movie when I jumped into one scene just to check it out. I have no clue as to why I judged that way but I was obviously mistaken when I heard them speak. Spanish.

I was taken aback by how beautiful the actors were. Their VGL level was the type that would make you want to actually marry a Spanish human being. Plus, and one of the most important, their acting was really good.

Judging by the title itself, you might think that the movie is all sex. It's not. Well, kinda, but mostly not. Even if you see a number of love scenes, you won't think that it's a dirty movie just because the characters don't exemplify the stereotypical nymphomaniacs being usually labeled by the public. They don't have that aura in the film (maybe also because of how properly attractive they are) and as you watch the film, you'll realize that they're not the kind of people who think about sex all the time.

The storyline is quite unconventional (some would think it's WTF) but if you think about it, it may actually reflect today's society (but I guess not much in the Philippines, though). It's very similar to the Korean movie I watched a few years ago Hello My Love but much more intense (considering how conservative Asians are). It's kind of a bisexual-three-way relationship. There's this heterosexual couple who are very much in love then here comes a guy who messes it up by getting involved with both of them. The epitome of the so called love triangle.

The film ended how I wanted it to. I'm tired of tragic endings. This one has none of that. Well, almost.. but it didn't happen. Just enough to tingle into your senses. They actually decided on being a stable three-way relationship because the couple couldn't stand being apart from the guy. Which is cool. Now, now. It's the 21st century but if you disagree with that, it's fine too. But yes, it's way too complicated and I think it wouldn't work out for the three of them in the long run.

January 11, 2013

iTunes 11 (Slight) Redemption

With the initial release of the very first version of iTunes 11, I have posted some time ago about my rage on some of its shortcomings. With the release of version, the slightly improved one, it got kinda better.

Owl City's Midsummer Station

What I really like about 11 is it's ability to adapt the colors of the album artwork and make it the color theme of the whole playlist. Other than that, nothing. Basically, I only liked the interface, which is probably one of the unimportant things to consider.

I was already able to search through my devices unlike the previous version. But the top bar which displays the artists, albums, and genres are still not narrowed down to what you search for, making it a hassle sometimes. So I think that's what Apple should acknowledge next. I hope.

Cliché Relations Officer

I admit that I am a person with a considerable amount of pride. I do not, almost at all times, let myself become needy nor desperate over anything not crucially important. My pride is very important to me and I believe that it helps me come up with sound decisions and actions that contribute to my betterment.

Most of the time, I try to figure out how to do things myself instead of making other people show me how it's done. It's mostly because of my pride, but not entirely, needless to say. That also only works with things that aren't so technical. Otherwise, I would already need some expert advice.

In terms of relationships, pride is equally important for me. If you are planning on entering a serious, faithful and loyal relationship, pride in oneself as well as trust should be prerequisite. Without those two traits, love and affection between both sides will definitely break apart in one way or another. I myself have been in a considerable amount of flings, two more or less serious relationships and I admit that I was the jerk that's why I pretty much learned from my deeds. I don't regret them, though.

You two love each other so much. That's great. If that continues until you decide to get married, create a family, occasionally quarrel about something, and die together, better. If that's not the case, then learn from this important pointer in most (young) relationships:

♥ In the event that anytime in your relationship your partner cheats on you, or simply just tells you they don't love you no more, then let them go (if it was the latter situation, dump them). The phrase "fighting for love" is so much bullcrap if you're gonna do it yourself. Both of you should. Then that would be an exception. Never go on pathetic mode running towards them asking back desperately for their affection. That's pretty much pointless. You need to preserve your dignity and pride.

January 1, 2013

Resolutions are Bullsh*t

R.I.P 2012, Happy Birthday 2013

Let me guess, these are probably the entries people will put in their New Year's resolutions (which won't actually be done):

- lose weight
- stop eating (for Christ's sake)
- not be lazy
- lose weight
- lose weight
- lose weight

Today is the start of another year, obviously. However, it doesn't necessarily mean it's the only time we should make changes in our lives. If change is necessary regardless of the time of the year, do it. My point is, New Year's resolutions are bullcrap. Besides, they don't get committed 90 percent of the time, anyway. I bet people only say they have resolutions just for the sake of saying they have it. Grow up, please. Nobody gives a fuck anymore. If you wanna do it, do it. If not, we won't care either way.

All I know is, I love watching fireworks displays. Especially epic ones. Like that one in Diseyland where I almost pissed my pants. Oh wait, that wasn't for New Year.


PS. Happy Birthday to all New Year babies whose birthdays have once again been completely ignored. Don't feel bad. It's a happy day.

December 25, 2012

Veselé Vánoce

I was thinking of what to name this post and since "Merry Christmas" is already too mainstream, I decided to have it in a different language. Even though I have no idea how to say "Veselé Vánoce", I still chose it because it looks good, linguistic wise, and I've never heard anyone say it before. It's Czech, by the way.

Christmas eve is still the same, but with a couple of members absent. This year, dad couldn't be around because he's gone away to another country because of work. Well, he was actually present - virtually. Since my older brother has already family of his own, he is away with them for the holidays as well. For this year's Noche Buena, it's just me, my mum, and little sis.

Besides that, everything just went really fine. Mum still cooked us the greatest pasta and whatnot (I was hoping for a situation wherein I was outside, pelting snowballs at random people passing by). We ate dinner over Michael Bublé's Christmas album playing while subtle rain outside made the wind chilly.

Tomorrow (later, technically) during the real Christmas, more family members will be together same as every year. Annually, we gather in our grandparents' home and everyone in the extended family are there giving all of us a chance to keep up with each others' lives since most of the time we're busy with our own. From grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins and siblings, everyone will be exchanging gifts.

Since it's really fucking late, I'll probably be sleeping my whole Christmas morning later. Basically, I'll miss giving candies to children and I'm really hoping to miss giving cash gifts to my godchildren. I have like, 14 of them already. I'm too young for that count. Which godparent is not gonna hide with that kind of number?

[Side note: It's raining harder. I hope it continues until later. *evil smirk*]

I don't know why but just right before the eve ended, I found myself watching the 2005 romantic drama film Brokeback Mountain. Definitely not a movie for the season but, whatever. Way back when it was still the talk of the town (or world), I only skimmed through the movie quickly (for some reason I had no chance to properly watch it) ergo I wasn't able to appreciate the plot just yet.

[Side note: The power went off. Yes, on Christmas eve. For a couple of hours. I had to feel our electric corporation's unreasonable bitchness during the gay yuletide. So then, to make the most out of the fucked up situation on a past midnight when the generator can no longer be turned on, I was compelled to cut the movie to save battery for the iPad and instead, I, for the meantime, (woo, that's a lot of commas) read Ellen Degeneres' Seriously, I'm Kidding while waiting for the electricity to come back. It's a funny read, though. I recommend the book to all bored, has-all-the-time-in-the-world bums like me.]

This time, I focused myself on grasping the movie's fundamental importance; basically, to watch it with sincerity. Cinephilia wise, I was into absorbing the artisticity of the film, and indeed, it deserved all the many awards it received. It's a depressingly great movie. It's so depressing that it entirely changed my mood from being engulfed with Christmas delight to embracing a gloomy grey romantic setting. There was even a part of the movie where I actually broke down into tears because of sympathy for one of the characters.

Jack: I wish I knew how to quit you.
Ennis: Then why don't you? *sobbing* It's because of you, Jack that I'm like this. I'm nothing. I'm nowhere.
Jack: *embraces Ennis* It's alright. It's alright. Damn you, Ennis...

Frankly, I hated myself for watching the movie. It's a really great work of art but it brought me sad emotions. I really felt for the characters. I'm so glad that the film wasn't based on a true story. Otherwise, I would have definitely felt worse. Nevertheless, I loved it and I applaud the actors Jake Gyllenhaal and the late Heath Ledger, the director Ang Lee, and the rest of the crew. Nice job.

December 22, 2012


As the title suggests, this post is dedicated to one of my bestest best friends (I have three) in the whole entire universe, Laila Grace.. Since she just turned 23 more than a week ago and I felt my greeting wasn't strong enough, I'm also making this post. It was sincere, though.

Laila is half Ghanaian, half Filipino. Basically, she's Afrasian. Her father is from Ghana, Africa and her mom's from Guiuan, where we grew up. We have been friends for about 18 years now, since we were like, 5 or 6 when we started schooling.

Laila and I had so many ups and downs throughout our friendship. When we were younger, we always fought and argued (even today, but more mature, whimsical arguments).

She is a character. If people that know her were to be asked what they can say about her, they'd probably answer distinct and unique traits because she's badass like that.

These are just a few things among so many things that I know about her that I think can actually be published publicly:

(1) She's a singer. She idolizes Christina Aguilera and Rihanna to name a few.
(2) When she sings, she replaces so many words in the lyrics with other words that just sound alike. Hence, her being called the composer.
(3) She likes to give advice and then quoting her grandmother with words of wisdom (or superstitions).
(4) Even in our own dialect, she makes new words to describe something. The strange thing is, even if the word is entirely new, we still get what she means. (i.e mapara-para [rough as in surface], alunan [pillow], "what do you mean, so not?")
(5) Among the four of us, she is the purest and most truthful. She only lies for very important reasons.
(6) She may not accept it, but her skin color is one of the best among black-colored people I have personally seen in my life.
(7) She is one of the nicest and most generous people I have ever known.
(8) She's gorgeous.

I have had so many super fun experiences and bloopers with Laila in many different places. I don't know if I should tell this but I'm gonna go ahead anyway. Hehe.

When Laila and I went to Singapore for vacation, she got stuck at the immigration office at the airport because of some misunderstanding with a rather strict immigration officer. I was very worried waiting for her at one bench near a conveyor belt, watching people of different races come and go, clueless of what to do. My phone wasn't picking up signal yet because Globe has a very outstanding roaming service, thank you.

Seeing her cousin ate Jaren and her roommate ate Kan waiting for us at the arrival area, I quickly went to up to them and explained what happened. After an hour of tension and anxiety, we all sighed in relief as we saw her coming out of the office, smirking. Apparently, she was the only one who got released the earliest (I bet it was because of her Japanese visa. Hah.) It was kinda worrisome but it was a fun experience (at least for me).

Unfortunately, she is away right now. She's already in Japan with her mom for more than a year now. She's already a resident there which reminds me, Kinna and I will be visiting her in Japan next year since she won't be coming back home anytime soon. I'm quite excited about the trip not only because we'll be having a reunion but also because Japan is one of my most favorite places in the entire earth! We miss her badly.

Despite everything we had been through, we stayed best friends. And we always will stay that way for as long as we exist.

I'm hoping that sooner or later, the four of us could go together on a trip of a lifetime. Karla, who is currently in the US, is the farthest right now. I'm also hoping that if ever I move to New Zealand soon, I'll be able to go back home for anything important, or whatever. Kinna will most probably go to Australia. At least that's near New Zealand. Sigh. Talk about friends drifting apart. Hah.

Laila, you know that I love you, we love you. We hope that you're doing really well (even if we're just a messaging application away). Happy birthday and we'll see you very soon.

PS. And after a few moments, I'll be all like, "Chariiiiing!"

December 20, 2012

Goodbye?... NOT

Earlier, I was drinking my milk chocolate drink Swiss Miss when I realized that the presumed end of the world is going to happen in less than two hours. After a moment of silence, I realized that I don't give a fuck. I mean, who does? The Mayans? Please, they're about to be the biggest joke on earth.

I don't even know why I am acknowledging this madness. It's ridiculous. Honestly, not one person I know believes in this crap. I would have been more scared of dying back in the year 2000 because that year made more sense in line with these groundless predictions.

Gangnam Style. Please, pop culture does not have any connection whatsoever with the maelstrom of physical and chemical chaos on the grounds of astrological phenomena. I didn't know what I just said but that's that, you get the point.

Another thing, it has been the 21st in New Zealand for hours now and as far as I'm concerned, my cousins there are still alive. They just posted statuses on Facebook.

That's all I can say for now. If the world doesn't end later (which will be the scenario), I will be updating this post.

Merry Christmas.

PS. I have tons of pending blog posts. Like, there are a zillion unfinished drafts in my post list because I am an insatiable freak who keeps running out of fitting words for what I want to express. Wow.

It's already 1:20AM. Still here, alive and kicking. Aside from the oddly strong winds outside, the earth did not budge. Although I still feel dizzy and dying from too much coughing, so I think the world ending today wouldn't be a huge problem for me. Oh well, I guess I better start making my life sensible again. Crap.

December 16, 2012

Yiruma's Impromptu

I finally got myself a copy of my ultimate favorite pianist Yiruma's latest album, Stay in Memory. I have been a huge fan of Yiruma for so many years, since Kiss the Rain and River Flows in You, which are some of my all-time favorites.

As usual, listening to his beautifully made pieces just puts me in a very soulful slow-motion dream. They just captivate the wholeness of me, especially my favorite ones.

Speaking of favorites, my favorite track in this album (which I cannot stop listening to) is the 5th one, Impromptu. I have no idea why the track is called as such but I'm guessing this one's special. Perhaps Yiruma made it in a snap, spot-on, and it turned out just prefect.

The first time I heard the track, my heart melted. The first few notes made me fall in love instantly. It's a magical piece. It puts this positively melancholic tender burst of happiness not only into my ears but through my entirety. Although I already tried, words cannot express how I feel towards this song.

This will of course go to my favorite Yiruma tracks playlist and the replay button will definitely die an unending death.

December 10, 2012


From what I can remember, the whole family of my mum's eldest brother were anticipating the taking of the BAR exam of their 2nd child and eldest daughter. Before the exam, I saw a video of her broadcasting herself of some sort and I could distinctly remember her saying that she was going to take the said exam.

Apparently, upping a video of you in any online streaming site before the exam was out of line (that was weird because the exam wasn't anything related to public participation or anything for that matter). Then we saw a huge sign of her name in front of the school saying "this student attempted to broadcast herself... therefore disqualifying her from taking the BAR exam." Her family was devastated. There was even this image of her being arrested by the cops. I thought they were narcs.

In the later part, I was at home and I found my PSP lying around. Since I wasn't able to play that in years, I tried downloading these PSP games from the internet (i.e Beats, some RPG games I forgot the names of). By the way, the monitor of my PC was not LCD yet, it was still CRT. Classic.

Suddenly, I was already in a convenience store owned by a cousin of mine, the daughter of my dad's first cousin. As far as I was concerned, she was a blogger. Although in my dream she was a cashier in her store which had RTWs, footwear, and of course, convenience store products, I had this assumption that she was making a blog post since she was in the computer, busy.

By the way, her store was located somewhere else other than the Philippines.

I was in one corner of her store, busy with my own computer thingamajig. There was a sliding window nearby and this guy, who I thought was one of our drivers, opened the window and said something to me. I was surprised he was there because well, I was in a place far away from where he could incidentally be. We did a special handshake or something.

A few moments later, my cousin and I were engaged in a fun conversation with a few guys inside their store when this awkwardly weird guy came inside. We fell in silence watching him and figured he was a criminal. He slowly went up to the store goods, took some and left without paying. I guess we were all agitated and scared to stop him, so we didn't. There were discontinued or prevented attempts, though. My cousin had two cash registers. The other one was in a seemingly unnoticeable area.

Then I woke up.