March 12, 2013

Into Ruins

I have every reason to be drop-dead devastated right now. If I were a full-time geek or a motor vehicle lover, I would have killed myself already. Either way, I am horrified by the unfortunate events that have been crossing my way lately.

A week back, my car started dripping off gasoline while running so I wasn't able to use it until now unless our mechanic shows up (which is not happening). A few days ago, I dropped one of my external hard drives making it hardly usable anymore, thank God it was my smallest one which was an 80GB Philips. This morning, my motorbike decided that it will no longer start. It probably needs to be tuned up and oil changed. I'm still thinking of a fucking way how to bring that shit all the way to the motor shop. Good Lord. I don't have any wheels as of the moment.

To make things worse, earlier when I came home, I found out that the installed hard drive of my computer wasn't being read. Imagine my stress and distraught. I was completely shattered because I have so many important files in there. I reformatted my computer just to see if it was the problem but unfortunately, it wasn't. I then prayed for a glorifying moment when the hard drive suddenly gets read so I have the chance to salvage the files in that dying 500GB.

I have a 1TB external hard drive but the transfer rate is kind of slow so I decided to use my cousin's 1TB instead which had a fairly faster transfer rate. When I went to her house to borrow it, I found out she used a different plug to power it and when I came back home, the drive was as good as crap. It wasn't working anymore. Not even a small hint of life. Lastly, my mouse's scroll key is not working anymore.

So there, I think I'll cry my ass off when I sleep tonight.

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