December 10, 2012


From what I can remember, the whole family of my mum's eldest brother were anticipating the taking of the BAR exam of their 2nd child and eldest daughter. Before the exam, I saw a video of her broadcasting herself of some sort and I could distinctly remember her saying that she was going to take the said exam.

Apparently, upping a video of you in any online streaming site before the exam was out of line (that was weird because the exam wasn't anything related to public participation or anything for that matter). Then we saw a huge sign of her name in front of the school saying "this student attempted to broadcast herself... therefore disqualifying her from taking the BAR exam." Her family was devastated. There was even this image of her being arrested by the cops. I thought they were narcs.

In the later part, I was at home and I found my PSP lying around. Since I wasn't able to play that in years, I tried downloading these PSP games from the internet (i.e Beats, some RPG games I forgot the names of). By the way, the monitor of my PC was not LCD yet, it was still CRT. Classic.

Suddenly, I was already in a convenience store owned by a cousin of mine, the daughter of my dad's first cousin. As far as I was concerned, she was a blogger. Although in my dream she was a cashier in her store which had RTWs, footwear, and of course, convenience store products, I had this assumption that she was making a blog post since she was in the computer, busy.

By the way, her store was located somewhere else other than the Philippines.

I was in one corner of her store, busy with my own computer thingamajig. There was a sliding window nearby and this guy, who I thought was one of our drivers, opened the window and said something to me. I was surprised he was there because well, I was in a place far away from where he could incidentally be. We did a special handshake or something.

A few moments later, my cousin and I were engaged in a fun conversation with a few guys inside their store when this awkwardly weird guy came inside. We fell in silence watching him and figured he was a criminal. He slowly went up to the store goods, took some and left without paying. I guess we were all agitated and scared to stop him, so we didn't. There were discontinued or prevented attempts, though. My cousin had two cash registers. The other one was in a seemingly unnoticeable area.

Then I woke up.

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